Whole30- Week 1 Check In

Whole30- Week 1


Checking In

Today marks day 7 of our Whole30 and so far I am LOVING it. I mentioned in a couple posts back that this would be my third time doing a Whole30, so I am very  familiar with the rules, the benefits, and the rollercoaster that is detoxing.

I was prepared for this to be the most difficult Whole30 that I have done though, for a couple reasons:

  1. I had a baby (almost 9 months ago now). It has been the best thing ever and at the same time the hardest 9 months of my life- for my marriage, my physical health, my faith, and my mental health. I have felt like a different person and not in ways that I am proud of.
  2. No time! My husband and I both work plus commute up to 3-4 hours to and from work each day and take care of our Baby J. With special needs in the home, there are a few extra steps we have to fit in each day too (luckily our nanny grandma is AMAZING at helping with these). But ultimately we are exhausted.
  3. Detoxing SO needed! It has been a long time since we have stuck to a paleo, whole foods diet consistently. So I expected that the “carb flu” and other fun detoxing symptoms would hit hard with the sudden change in our diets.


How are we feeling?

How did the first week go, really?

The Bad

I have had headaches which are uncommon for me normally and experienced unchanged or worse abdominal bloating for most of the week (day 6 I did notice an improvement). Day 6 I also began craving chocolate and peanut butter balls (mmmm- don’t think about them!) And my back has been extra achey at night while I sleep but this could be related to recent chiropractic work I have begun. I have been tired during the days but my coffee intake is 1/4 of what it was last week (which is actually incredible).

The Good
Way more benefits this week! Which was surprising to me that I am already feeling the good. My anxiety is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better, from day 1 even! I can’t express how life changing that is for me. For the first time in my life I have experienced daily anxiety since having our baby. Some days are worse than others. But on the bad ones, even just unloading the dishwasher feels like a huge undertaking. My brain feels like it is out of a fog; I have better mental clarity and clean energy. I would not say I am 100% of what I could be energy wise but I no longer am relying on tons of coffee to carry me through the day. My joints hardly hurt anymore. You would think I was an old person with how uncomfortable it was to do a squat before… now my body is starting to feel like I could exercise again. Even more amazing…. I actually WANT to exercise. My skin looks better too. I have been fortunate to find a skin care routine with oils that has transformed my face (read my transformation story here!) But I will still break out slightly if I have indulged in a lot of bad food or when my hormones are changing. My skin just looks fresh and clean.

Week 1 Obstacles

DeathtoStock_CreativeSpace5 11.45.06 AM

We really enjoyed the menu from last week. A few hiccups did come up of course. Our city experienced an ice storm last Sunday and Monday so that hindered us from grocery shopping & prepping our meals when I had originally planned. We also forgot to unfreeze a couple of our proteins in time for dinner so we had to move around some meals during the week. The snacks really helped though and I rarely felt hungry.

The hash meal we did not follow the step on cooking in the oven. My goal is for quick and easy meals so we just cooked everything  together in a pan on the stove and quickly fried up some eggs in a second pan to throw overtop. Took 25- 30 minutes all said and done.


I am really looking forward to week 2! I just can’t believe that I was okay with feeling so crappy before. At this point I don’t see why I would ever want to go back to eating the way we were.

But it is only the first week 🙂

Week 2 Menu will be posted later today- stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Whole30- Week 1 Check In

  1. Your Amazing Noelle for taking all this on. Don’t know how you even find time to blog, but your doing it and doing it well.Can’t wait to hear about week Two!


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