Whole30 Menu Plan


Hi Friends!

We did a Whole30 cleanse back in January and I blogged our menu plan for all 30 days 🙂

If you missed it, here are the links:


It was a great experience although challenging with a 9 month old baby at home! (his squinty smile was the cutest!)


I blogged one week at a time and wrote notes on when and what to prep. Our goal was to find easy, quick meals since we are a busy family; we love food, so the meals had to be delicious too 🙂

This month we decided to follow the 30 day menu plan again, and I wanted a quick way to see what the week looked like ahead of time (without scrolling through each blog post).

SO! I created a calendar that can be printed for easy viewing.


As I walked through the previous blog posts, I decided to update a few of the recipe ideas too; deleting meals that didn’t quite pass the delicious test and subbing in recipes that we LOVE.

If you need some new ideas for a Whole30 or just want to focus on eating a wholefoods diet, then check out our menu plan! We love it… you may just too.

Whole30 Menu Plan Calendar

Download: Whole 30 Menu



Feel good. Look good. Eat good.

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