About Me

I am Noel Elisabeth.

Introvert | Dreamer | Daughter of the Most High

Wife of 3 years to my MCM.

Mama to my sweet baby JJ.

Our little stud was born this last year and it has been a wonderful adventure! When baby JJ was two weeks old, we received the life altering news that he had a rare genetic disease. A disease that requires someone to inherit a gene from both parents. Two genes that are completely silent, until paired with a second of it’s exact kind.

To our complete shock, he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. A few generations ago, those with CF were not expected to live past early childhood. Luckily for us however, modern medicine has made leaps and bounds and these individuals are experiencing retirement!

I have always had an interest in alternative healthcare, I believe that God created many things for us to use to benefit our health. But with JJ’s diagnosis it has brought on a new passion and urgency for information. Because honestly… we really do not know what tomorrow could bring.

This is the collection of our adventures with cystic fibrosis, exploring alternative living & wellness, and loving God’s Earth until the new one comes!

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